Our God-Given Calling Shapes Our Story Today

"Our God-given calling includes reflecting God’s self-sacrificial, redemptive concern for a sin-scarred world."
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Monday Update #79 – August 25, 2014

I'm going to an Eagles game! / Meet the 78-year-old who winds all the clocks at the Met / Burying your dead without religion / Iron Curtain is now a 7,000 km bike trail
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Crimson Cord

Wear your scars out loud / That's the fingerprints of the Lord / A crimson cord, baby, a crimson cord.
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Monday Update #78 – August 18, 2014

The last weekend I will ever sleep in / The Guns of August / Computers Confirm a 400-year-old Mathematical Theory / The Riots in Ferguson: More than Old Wounds
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A New Guide to the Old Testament – Reading Old Testament Poetry

Several books of the Old Testament are filled with Hebrew poetry and proverbs. Moreover, they are written about and to God, not from God. How should we read these books?
Category: Old Testament

What Genesis 1-2 Says About Us

Don Carson on what Genesis 1-2 says about God, mankind, and God's story throughout the rest of the Bible.
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Monday Update #77 – August 11, 2014

More vacation / Robots that Fold Up and Walk Away / Religious Groups Under Attack by ISIS / Indoor Mapping Lets the Blind Navigate Airports
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The Myth of American Persecution

A significant part of the Christian story is persecution—experiencing hostility and even death for their belief in Christ. But what happens when there is no persecution?
Category: Culture

Failing to Live the Bible’s Story

The Bible presents an all-encompassing story of the world we live in. But it is easy for all of us—even those who take the Bible seriously—to not live out this story. How does this happen?
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Monday Update #76 – August 4, 2014

Vacation time! / The Guns of August / 25 Creative Buildings Around the World / Why did ISIS Destroy the Tomb of Jonah? / Disney Rediscovers True Love
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