How the Great Schism Shapes the Christian Story

In 1054, leaders of the Eastern and Western branches of the Christian church excommunicated one another—an edict that remained until 1965. Here's how the Great Schism shapes the Christian story.
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Unity in Diversity in the Bible

Author Mark Strom highlights three presuppositions that ought to shape how we read and understand the Bible
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Monday Update #85 – October 13, 2014

Welcoming Norah Mae / Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus / Can a massive seawall save NYC from flooding? / Surviving the cult of Oprah / Christian apologist and atheist: an unlikely friendship
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Songs of a Suffering King – A Review

In Songs of a Suffering King, author J.V. Fesko provides a rich exposition of the first eight psalms, showing how they point to David, who in turn points to Jesus Christ as both the king and suffering servant.
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Introducing Norah Mae

This week I figured how to win at the Internet: post pictures of a newborn baby!
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How the King James Bible Shapes the Christian Story

The King James Bible has sold over 5 billion copies worldwide, and is the preferred translation for many Christians. Not bad for a book first published over 400 years ago! See how the KJV came into being, and how it continues to shape the Christian story today.
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How Location Shapes Our Story

Our story is shaped by the three key locations in the Bible.
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Monday Update #84 – September 29, 2014

#Schmidty is coming soon / Left-handed Electrons / Woman claims Frozen is her life story / Bengals raise $1 million for pediatric cancer research
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On Church History and the Christian Story

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he left his followers with a mission: to spread the news of what they had seen. This mission continues to define the Church. But the Church's story has had bumps along the road. Here are the events that continue to shape the Church to this day.
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Monday Update #83 – September 22, 2014

A great Northside Block Party / NASA's amazing image of a black hole / Staten Island ship graveyard / Grantland on Lecrae and Christian Rap
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